Storms cannot hurt the Sky.
Buddhist saying (via meditationsinwonderland)
Only take advice from people who are happy. They’re doing something right.

Life is a Lucid Dream that you wake up to each morning

People think too much- I think.

Waiting to go.  It’s a strange sensation.  At this point I just want to dive in and get the home-journey overwith.  Here I look at a half moon and can’t help but notice how much this feels like home.  So, I guess in a way, home is another adventure.

New Zealand, you’ve been good to me.

Jeff, the man with a passion for trees.  I waltzed up the valley to his place today, taking my time, and found him with some chaps on and a chainsaw ready.  Then, he showed me a possum trap, with a possum in it, & told me it was a marsupial.  Then, he stuck his hand inside of the possums pouch (!), and pulled out a baby possum fetus.  I gulped… Then he fed it to his dog.  Craziness… just craziness.  

Besides that though, he was very nice, showed me all of his plant projects, gave me a peach from his tree.  While i was reaching for a peach, I felt a massive pain in my stomach for a split second.  I thought someone from up in a tree had thrown a peach at me with all of their might, but it turns out my belly touched an electric fence.  Felt like a punch in the gut.  So many good byes these last days, but at least they’re “good” byes.

Spent one of my last days hiking up a valley to a certain Geoff’s place.

The Walnut Harvest